Teleseminar - Live Event

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TELESEMINARS -are (not) included in our membership and if we would like to participate in one we ask our questions here and then tune in on the scheduled day and time for an additional cost.

If we can not tune in at the scheduled date and time can we access teleseminar and the downloads at a later time if we pay the fee? Where would you access that information?

LIVE EVENTS- are free but you still have to tune in on the scheduled date and time- correct?

If you can not tune in on the scheduled date and time can we still get the downloads and listen at a different time? Where would I look for that if that is availalble?

Thank You!

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Teleseminar - Live Event

Hi Patrice, if you are an Enlita member you should post in the Member forum. this is the public forum. Yes teleseminars are included in your membership and you log in and to the Teleseminars" tab and you will be able to download that weeks teleseminar plus the ebooks that go with it for free. (pretty great deal huh?) I like to take care of my members. They are like close family.