Taking pulse during food testing

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When we take our pulse during the food testing, does one increased pulse rate mean there is a sensitivity to that food, or will the pulse rate increase show up every time that food is eaten? On one of the food testing days, my daughter's resting pulse rate went up by about 20 beats per minute the first time she at that food during the day (breakfast), but then when she ate that food the rest of the day, her pulse remained the same and didn't go up.

Is one pulse increase considered a sensitivity? If we have another day that like that, where the pulse increases so dramatically, should we then avoid that food for the rest of the day or continue eating it and charting reactions? And should we retest the food where she already had an increased pulse?

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Response to pulse question

Great question! Pulse testing is just one indication that there may be a sensitivity to that food. More important are the symptoms that may appear after challenging the food back into your diet. Remember that food sensitivities can be delayed, so make a note of the increased pulse that first time but really watch for any physical/emotional symptoms that may present in the next 2-3 days.