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Last night I had a slice of blackberry pie. It was packed/dense with blackberries and there was no juice. I slept like a log. Don't remember any tossing or turning. It took me more than an hour to get out of bed this morning -- I just kept hitting the snooze button. I have been "off" all day and feel like I am hung over. My eyes don't feel "wide open".

I suspect white flour as well as the sugar. I haven't eaten anything with sugar and white flour for so long that I am sure this is a reaction. I don't plan on eating white flour/sugar again.

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I am so sorry for the terrible night's sleep that resulted from a seemingly innocuous is tough to learn the hard way but for many of us that is the way that really sticks and reminds us not to do it again!
Dr. Winnie Abramson

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I hear you!

I did something simliar with the exact opposite results. My husband wanted ice cream so I compromized and bought a pint of locally made organic frozen goat yogurt. No homogonized milk, live cultures--not bad right--or so I thought. I'm writing this at 4am--couldn't get to sleep until 1am, so I've had a whopping 3 hours of sleep. :oops:

The reason I can't sleep? This unexplainable itching of my skin all over my body. One would think it was just dry skin, but I have a humidifier set at 40% humidity in the house. I'm pretty sure it's an allergic reaction to the sugar.

I had this itchy feeling before but attributed it to the dry Colorado winter. I wasn't itchy the whole time I stayed with the program, but the itchy-ness came back once I put that junk food in my mouth. Ugh! Why do I have to learn the hard way!?