Skipping Snacks

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I am halfway through week 2. I know we are supposed to eat small meals frequently to boost the metabolism, but sometimes I am not really hungry. I either skip a snack or have it for lunch and eat lunch when the next snack is due. Is this okay? I have noticed some days I feel slightly rundown about 2 pm. I don't know if its because I have eliminated so many sugars and bad foods or if my adrenals are too stressed. Last year I realized my adrenals were in hyper-drive so I started taking an herbal supplement for it. It seems to help, so I was thinking of using it again. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, once in awhile in the evening I start craving "dessert" like a piece of cake or candy. I find that if I have a date bar (rolled date with coconut and an almond) it takes the craving or desire away.

When I start Week 3 diet plan, on the day I am trying eggs, do I have to have them at every turn? Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. Is it possible to have them only three times?

This program is really better than I originally anticipated. Thank you for all your work and support.

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It sounds like you have some issues with regulating your blood sugar (if you have "run down" adrenals, this is definitely the case), so for you it is very important to eat the frequent meals and snacks. Don't rely on your appetite at this stage- just follow the clock and eat something, even if its just a few bits of food- every few hours. Having a snack two hours after breakfast and a snack three hours after lunch is usually a good schedule, with the next meal no more than two hours after the snack. If you follow this schedule, you will soon start to feel hungrier more regularly and this is a good sign. You can just make your snack a few bites of fruit or veggies if you really don't feel hungry, but do have something.
As for the egg reintroduction, the menu for that day can guide you but if you are really averse to eggs, you can definitely eat less than is recommended in the menu- three times is just fine if that works for you.
Dr. Winnie Abramson