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I would like this question to be addressed by the Doctor or a health care professional. I have compared many weight loss/health recovery programs to one another and would like to know why many of them eliminate the use of salt, even sea salt? Their theory is it retains water and adds to retention of bloat and fat. I would really like a health care professional to address this question because their explanation is not satifactory to me. There have been many of people who have successfully and healthily lost weight and recovered health while still incorporating salt into thier program.
I would really appreciate a response, for I notice Enlita uses salt and pepper in some of their recipes.

Thank you


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Good quality salt such as celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt contains minerals and is essential for healthy digestion and optimal adrenal function. We do not limit salt on this program for these reasons, but of course we do recommend cutting out common table salt completely as it is processed and demineralized.
Hope this answers your question,
Dr. Winnie Abramson