Question about children eating the recommended foods

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I have started week 1 of the program, and my ten year old daughter is eating the same foods I am at about the same times since I don't have time to make separate food for everyone. I also suspect that she has food sensitivities, and I thought this would be a good time to do a hypoallergenic diet and then test her reactions along with mine when we get to the food tests.

My question is whether I need to alter the program in any way as she follows along. I bought the recommended children's vitamins for her. Does she need any other foods? Should she have the carbohydrates increased, like by eating more fruit?

My daughter is not obese, so I don't really want her to lose much, if any, weight. She could probably lose 5-10 pounds without any problem, but any more than that and she'd probably be underweight. She exercises a lot too, since she's on a swim team. She swims at least 4 hours per week along with the dry land training that the team does.

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I see no problem with children on this program- it is very nutritionally sound. I don't think it would cause weight loss in a child of normal weight, but keep an eye on her and she can eat more of the healthful carbs if you don't think she is eating enough and/or if she is very physically active.
Dr. Winnie Abramson