Please Help - workaholic question

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I’m a Type A personality who doesn’t sleep very well so its hard for me to have the energy to exercise. I’m a lawyer and a workaholic and my mind never stops. I tend to be anxious. I’m 48 pounds overweight. Do you have any suggstions?

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Please Help - workaholic question

Denise, sound like you have the classic symptoms of serotonin deficiency
which is the neurotransmitter in your brain that helps you be calm and relaxed.

We cover all the neurotransmitter deficiencies in detail on our Enlita Program so I do recommend you at least do a free trial of the program to learn more.

Second, you may want to consider trying our 5-HTPsupplement for 3 months which can boost your serotonin levels and works great to calm the mind, help with sleep and research shows it’s very good for weight management. Let me know how you’re doing.