Phase 4 Question related to tonights HGC

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I know this might seem early, but it helps to know so I can prepare for another round, order more supplies, or go it on my own.

In P4, is it possible to continue to lose more weight, if for example you're eating to your nutritional type and working out? Or is it that once your hypothalamus is reset, if you lose more than that +/- 2lbs it will negate that? I'm hoping that once I get this kick start, my body can take care of the rest naturally, but if not, then I'll do another round to get to my ideal healthy weight.

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Phase 4 Question related to tonights HGC

Phase 4 is after the HCG protocol is completely done and you eat a normal healthy diet. Yes you can lose weight after the protocol! The HCG simply makes it faster and easier. Simeons recommends not losing weight during the Phase 3 of the low-starch diet. It is a kick start and I think you can continue to lose weight on your own. But if not, you can always repeat the protocol.