Organ meats and raw foods

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Ihave two questions here. First, I don't see any organ meats on the menus, i.e. liver. Are these allowed? Second, I am having problems with the amount of salad and raw vegetables. I have false teeth and trying to chew all of this makes my mouth very sore and then I have a problem chewing anything. I also get constipated from all the fiber of the raw stuff. Is it ok to eat this stuff lightly cooked? Thanks for your help.

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organ meats

Yes these are allowed. We do not put them in the menus regularly as they aren't so commonly eaten in this county but they are very nutritious and very much endorsed by the Weson Price Foundation. They work particularly well for metabolic Protein types...
If you are heaving trouble with all the raw veggies, feel free to cook them a little. Whatever you need to be comfortable and stick with it as close as possible!
Dr. Winnie Abramson