Nutritional Typing

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I wasn't sure where to ask this question so I picked this one. Hope it is ok.
I am a litte confused on week 5 where it talks about finding out your nutritional typing. It seems I really don't fall into any of just one. I am thinking that maybe I am a mixed type but still not sure. I did have one question come across my mind. I have been feeling excellent on the diet thus far with enlita-is your diet a mixed type? Maybe I will be able to determine it in the coming weeks cause I think each week will be a different type?? Is that correct understanding?? We were out for the day and got caught without food on hand so we picked the best choice we thought at the time-pizza. I felt like I wanted to go get in the bed for the rest of the day! I went and took some B vitamins just to give myself enough energy to make it through the rest of the day awake! I was so lazy and tired! Very bad choice for me.
Thanks ! Patrice

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Re: Nutritional Typing

Our diet is a mixed type. You may also have gotten sleepy from the wheat in the pizza. Wheat makes me sleep also.