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I am really only on week one. I have been an on and off again with the holidays etc. Now I see that it says

You are currently on LEVEL 3, Day 15 (Week 11) of the Enlita Weight Loss Program. I have not done week two yet though I have printed out the recipe. But can i go back to week two and get the revised menus. And what does (week 11) mean.... I haven't joined for 11weeks yet.. LOL or does that mean 2 in Roman numerals?????. what does level three mean. etc etc etc

I need help.
Really want to try and do this right. I have enough leftovers to tie me over for quit awhile , till you can tell me how to work this anyway.

Maddy :?

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new menus

Hi maddy - we will have a tutorial posted for the new format and system by the end of today. In the meantime you can navigate back to week 2 by using the tools found on your profile page.

Let me know if this helps or you need more assistance!