I eat when I am tired

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I look to food as a source of energy and although this does not work generally, I can't seem to break this longstanding habit. I do not eat sugar or grains or convenience foods.

(question submitted for teleseminar on emotional eating)

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Eating for energy

When you are feeling tired, it is normal to want to eat to eat for an energy boost. Fatigue can be one of the symptoms of hunger but I assume you are not hungry.
You say eating does not work. Why keep eating then?
1st you need to figure out if your fatigue is a real problem.
2nd find out what the cause is
3rd what are other ways to get energy?

Are you taking a high quality multi like Optimal Health Ultra?
Have you tried Royal Matcha Green Tea?
Getting enough protein?
Are your overworked?
Sleep Deprived?
There are so many possiblities. Perhaps you can work on this with one of our Enlita Coaches in our soon to be announced coaching program.