I am gaining weight

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I have only cheated a few times by drinking soy lattes. I have had allergy tests and came back that I'm allergic to nothing and I have eaten the rest of my homemade yogurt (1/2 cup)with berries and stevia. I must be eating too much. My finger is sore today which may mean I should not have had the latte. But othere than that I love the diet but gaining weight is not what I sined up for. I am hypothyroid as wee so that may be slowing down the process. I have just started working out, Mainly long brisk walks and at home dumb bells. Any suggestion.

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gaining weight

Let's see...how much have you gained?
Increasing your exercise would be my first suggestion.
Also look at your portion sizes, particularly of carb foods. You may need to reduce these further.
Cut out any food you eat a lot/feel that you can't live without. Consider these possible sensitivities and test them after a few weeks (in the meantime see if you lose a few pounds).
These are my preliminary suggestions. Soon we will have the coaching program in place and you will be able to get more individualized help.
Dr. Winnie Abramson