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Hi Everyone

I have read most of the posts and feel like a newbie compared to the knowledge a lot of you possess.

I started the program about 4 weeks ago. Last week I was to start my "challenge" phase. I had some eggs in my salad during the morning. In the evening, I made an egg salad with some vegetables for flavor. I ate it with some rice crackers. These particular crackers are made from brown rice, quinoa, flax seed and sesame seeds. I had these crackers the previous week with my turkey burger with no problem. At that time I only ate 5-7 of them. The box said one serving is about 15 crackers. I had about 15 crackers with the egg salad. Within the next two days, I knew something was not right. I started feeling like my colon was tender.

Long story short, yesterday, the doctor told me I had a mild case of diverticulitis. My opinion is that it occurred due to the crackers as there were so many seeds. When I had my colonoscopy 4 years ago, I was not told they found any "pouches". I find it ironic this should happen when I finally get serious and eat properly. Does this mean I cannot have seeds anymore? Will I be able to have vegetables that contain seeds?

I know some of you have been following a healthier lifestyle for some time. Any light or information you can shed on this would be welcomed.

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Help with Body Responses

I am sorry for any discomfort you experieced with this bout of diverticulitis. As far as I know, there is no absolutely definitive link between seeds and this condition, but if you feel that the crackers may have contributed, then please go ahead and avoid them. Maybe for now it is best to stick to small amounts of the gluten-free grains in their whole form and stay away from the crackers. I do not believe you need to avoid fruits and vegetables with seeds, but maybe consider soaking nuts and seeds for 4 hours then roasting them at low temp before eating. This enhances their digestibility and will help you to avoid any potential future problems. For now, you may also want to focus on nourishing broths and easy to digest foods such as blended soups. Coconut oil is also excellent for the digestive system and I would consider taking probiotics and perhaps digestive enzymes, as well. A healthy high fiber diet is definitely indicated for preventing future problems and our nutritional program fits the bill.
Take care and feel better,
Dr. Winnie Abramson