Food Addictions

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I'm totally addicted to carbohydrates. If I start eating them, I'm like an alcoholic--I start looking for breads and sweets. Does anyone else suffer from this?

Is this a lifetime affliction, or can I eventually eat grains in moderation? I also tested positive for gluten intolerance, so maybe that's part of it?



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addiction to carbs

I am very much the same way. I think everyone is different, but personally over time I have just eaten fewer and fewer grains and do better with that- eating them only 1-2 times per week or less (and usually having those with no gluten)...I do eat something with wheat or spelt occasionally but not much. I am fine if I eat fruit and I eat plenty of it- it does not provoke the same kind of addicitve response for I just get my carbs mostly from fruits and starchy veggies, some beans and lentils, and this works for me. It may be related to your gluten sensitivity for sure, and it may improve over time, but if you try eliminating the grains you may find you don't want them anymore.