Fermented foods

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:D I am so happy to see recipes for fermented foods and hope to see many more! Can you give me an idea of how long they will keep in the refridgerator, both unopened and once opened for use. I made my first ever fermented sauerkraut last fall from my own organic cabbage. It turned out well but the recipe I had made a very large batch and I am the only one who will eat it. I had a hard time eating it as it was made so I put one jar into the blender to make it finer. This worked well and I ate a little a couple of times that week. However, when I ate some a couple of weeks later, it made the whole inside of my mouth, especially my gums, sore and almost burnt. Didn't make me sick or bother my stomach or anything. Could this mean it is too old or maybe got contaminated somehow? I have another whole quart jar that hasn't been opened since I made it but now am wondering if it is safe to use. There is no cloudiness or discoloration and I used Whey in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sherry

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fermented foods

Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut should theoretically keep for many months if made properly and stored in the refrigerator until opening, so your batch could not have been too old (fermented fruits generally should be eaten within 2 months, though). Even after opening, they should keep for a while (several months at least, I would think). The reaction you had to your last batch concerns me a bit. Is it possible you used too much whey and there was too much acid created- this could have bothered your gums if you ate a bit too much of it at that point...I would open your other jar and see if it smells right and is mildly bubbly. If it smells "off" at all, toss it into the compost. If you decide to eat it, you might just want to have a Tb. or so to start and make sure it agrees with you. Honestly though you are probably safer just starting again with a new batch as it's not hard to make and will be ready in just a few days. Good luck!
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