Eating while watching TV

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A question from one of our Platinum members Alice:

"I rarely watch TV. However, when I do, I drink green tea and eat snacks -- I don't mean raw veggies -- I mean popcorn, cookies, cake or pie snacks. I am unable to JUST watch TV."

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Eating while watching TV

Why are you keeping that kind of junk food in your house? Carb addiction is like drug addiction. You really need to go cold turkey and get it out of your house while you go through withdrawal and allow your body to recover.
Watching TV and eating carbs has become a habit for you just like brushing your teeth. How do you break habits?
You break habits first by setting goals. Put it in writing. Come up with a reward everytime you are able to successfully watch TV without the carbs.
Try doing something else to keep your mind off food--like stretching or weight lifting.
Do EFT to eliminate cravings before you sit down to watch TV.
Perhaps you can avoid TV until you get through your withdrawal period.
Don't watch the commercials--filled with junk food ads.
I know you can kick this habit Alice. we're all rooting for you. Please keep us updated on your progress.