Do you have to stop with Homeopathic?

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Hi I have been on protocol for less than 12 days and have lost 22 lbs. At this rate I will reach 34 lbs weight loss in a short time. I have heard that with homeopathic hcg it is not mandatory to stop after the 34 lbs or 6 weeks. would you please advise me. I am having phenomenal results and don't want to stop if I don't have to. Some days I have no appetite at all. Yesterday all I ate was half an apple.

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Re: Do you have to stop with Homeopathic?

I don't think the issue of immunity is a problem with the homeopathic but I am concerned about the toll it takes on your body to be on 500 calories even though you are supposed to be getting more calories from the fat stores. If you want to do at least protein shakes 3 times a day and you're taking a high potency multi like this one 8 caps a day then it might be ok. I personally don't recommend it. There are some side effects that can develop from long term low calorie diets.