detox week 16

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While I admit that I haven't been quite as diligent on this journey as I would have liked, I am approaching the detox phase of the program and I am QUITE alarmed by the cost of the products being recommended to us for the cleansing phase.

Assuming that I only need one bottle of Fiberfill and One bottle of Green Power, etc....the cost is 198.00 for a week's worth of fasting. That is quite impossible on my income level.

Any ideas on how to support my fast without breaking the bank?

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week 16 detox

I understand how you feel. You can do the detox with fewer of the supplements. They are suggested but not at all mandatory. Best is to do lots of "green juices" as these are super nutritious, and this will take the place of needing to do the greens powder. As for the fiber, it helps some people overcome hunger when doing a detox but again, it's totally not mandatory. If you are constipated I do suggest it but otherwise you can skip it or take it less often. I have fasted on a number of occasions just with juicing and no supplements (yes I did do enemas) and I got very good results. Do what you can but don't stress about purchasing things if you can't afford them- it's perfectly ok.
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