Contraindications For HCG PROGRAM

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I'm a newbie to the site. Though I've known alot about all of the information on this site; I'm in need of encouragement to apply it in my life. Seems no matter what I eat or how much I exercised, I just don't burn fat. If I lost a couple of pounds, my body fat % went up. Indicating to me that it was just a "water weight loss." I'm also totally Carb. addicted! Even when I was exercising ALOT; my body fat% hardly ever budged. I used to say, I don't burn fat!
I thought HCG was "way-out" but when I mentionned it to my PCP....she was all for it. SO then I got excited about the possibilities.
SO here's my immediate ?s.. HAving some health conditions; are there any contraindications for using HCG? And are they listed somewhere on the site as so far, I can't find it in the Downloads or in Weeks 1 thru 15. THanks.

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RE: HCG Contraindications

Contraindications for HCG protocol (per Dr. Arlan Cage):

Presence of large uterine fibroids
Active gallbladder colic
Heart disease - need to be stable and have clear ECG for three months prior to treatment, and periodically during treatment, and obtain approval of cardiologist
Presence of healing fractures

Hope this helps clarify,
Dr. Marci Scott