Asian Cultured Veggies

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WOW, Dr. Pearsall, THANKS for listening and posting this great recipe!

For those of you that may have missed this in the Enlita Newsletter, I am reposting it, because it is just too good to only have in one place!

I made it yesterday, along with my usual batch of kimchi, and it already smells heavenly! I have never thought to add miso to a ferment! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dr. Pearsall wrote:
Our top contributor to the forums, Dawn, (thank you by the way) asked me recently for some cultured recipes. Here is one I had for an Asian Cultured Veggies from a friend of mine. I wish the instructions were more exact but she does not measure when she cooks.

Green cabbage (this should make up about 75% of the total ingredients)
Bok choy
Arame or hijiki (soak first and then add to mixture)
Green onion
Garlic (very little)
Ginger (very little)
Miso paste

Run the vegetables through the fine shredder disc of a food processor. Mash with a hammer a bit. Put into a clean, sterile bell jar. Pack in tightly. Roll up cabbage leaves to keep at the top. Put the lid on the jar. Wait for 10 days.

As far as the measurements go, I usually just make up my own according to preferred taste. Just be careful not to add to much garlic or ginger b/c they multiply astronomically and everyone around you will for sure know what you ate.


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Re: Asian Cultured Veggies