"I wanted to send you a quick note today to let you know that I am just about finished with my second round of the protocol. I have had great success. The first round started August 20, 2011. I lost a total of 29 lbs the first round. I managed to maintain that loss over the holidays etc. I started the second round January 1st 2012. I have to tell you, I feel great. I have lost before with numerous other diets, Weight Watchers being the most successful but always gained back, either by getting pregnant or just the stress and goodness of life. I know that through the vast information that I have obtained through your teleseminars and web site, I have the tools to face this challenge with "both barrels loaded" so to say. Also, I think a huge tool is your supplements, Optimal Cleanse and Optimal ACAI, that I take and have taken daily since August 20th. I love those supplements and I really am not a vitamin girl.....I am now however! (Don't like pills/drugs of any kind...that is why it took me over two years to get the courage to try the Homeopathic HCG).
I want to thank you for contributing to the success of my battle with the bulge. I truly enjoy your teleseminars, and your enlita newsletters and look forward to the information you send."
--Patty Austin, TX