Patty Riland

"I Lost 50 pounds!
On the first round of Dr. Pearsall's Diet Drops I lost 29 lbs. Second round lost 21 lbs. Total loss to date since 8/19/2011 50lbs! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! My Husband has done the program with me with great success as well. I have a niece and good friend who are also successfully following the protocol. I have lost before with numerous other diets, Weight Watchers being the most successful...but always gained back, either by getting pregnant or just the stress and goodness of life.

I know that through the vast information I have obtained through your teleseminars, I now have the tools to face this challenge with "both barrels loaded" so to say. Thank you for contributing to the success of my battle with the bulge!"

Sincerely, Patty Riland