Dawn Shelby

"Dear Dr. Pearsall, I really believe with all my heart in what you are trying to accomplish with Enlita. You have it right- the knowledge, the correct methods, and so many people supporting you with big hearts who genuinely want to turn the Standard American Diet and ill health around. I *love* it that you are healing people with nutrition/lifestyle rather than products. I was so on most of what you teach prior to Enlita from years of my own research, but you and your team brought it together for me in a package I could easily follow and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) gave me the support I was desperate for. I think most people fall into this category.

Because I truly care about you, I will tell you what drew me to you and Enlita: "Our mission in life is to help the masses transform their health and their lives by going back to nature."*I* could have written the following because it is EXACTLY what I was looking for:
"We keep it natural. Natural whole food, functional exercise, spending time in nature, relaxation, communion with your spiritual nature, fresh air, sun, water, herbs and vitamins, deep breathing, organic food, body cleansing, emotional release and positive attitude and a whole lot more." There is a tremendous amount of "heart" in that.

This was the final kicker for me: "One thing our program is not – it is not a program that puts up content and then goes on autopilot." I firmly believe that if you stay solid on your mission, you are going to build a HUGE foundation with which to build a very successful business on IN A POSITIVE WAY.

We had eaten VERY healthy prior to Enlita for many many years, and really only had to make food changes for the elimination period and then the subsequent food sensitivities. What we wanted to say was that Enlita really helped take us to that "next level" in our family's nutrition. We all feel better. We are addressing the emotional issues that are manifesting themselves in our bodies as disease. By eating small meals throughout the day and following the Enlita guidelines for food choices, we are seeing more energy, better digestion, and learning to listen to our own body. Weight loss and great health are the natural results of a program you can live with every day.

Both my husband and daughter were in great shape to begin with. They have been doing the program along with me (14 weeks) although my husband did not do a lot of the eliminations that my daughter and I did. Both of them have said that their clothes feel a little looser and they have lost about 5 pounds each. I think the one-on-one coaching is exactly what I need right now, mainly because of having so many health issues. You have such a big heart :)"
--Dawn Shelby, Colorado Springs Construction, Personal Assistant