Alice Goers

"I have been waiting many months for the launch of Enlita -- and it's finally here.  All I can say is Thank Goodness and Thank You.  My doctor (Naturopath) suggested the Elimination Diet in the Spring.  She gave me literature about elimination and diet guidelines.  However, the eliminated foods were such an integral part of my diet I found that I didn't know where or how to begin, so I did not.  It wasn't until your daily menus arrived that I had direction.  They provided a roadmap for me to follow.  At last, I could begin the Elimination Diet!!!!!!   
During the first week I lost 9 pounds, which surely attests to the fact that I suffer from food sensitivities.  Also, I have been suffering with flatulence for many years, and the condition seems to get worse (and more embarrassing) with each passing year.  It is now greatly reduced, thanks to your diet.  I have been so pleased with your program, that I e-mailed my doctor to tell her that I started the elimination diet.  I also directed her to your website and suggested that many of her other patients might also benefit from the Enlita program.  She visited your website to learn more.  
I love the fact that you provide daily menus, recipes, shopping lists and lessons.  This makes it very easy for me.  I have all the tools I need and know in what direction I am going -- to better health and longevity.  I will continue to work with my doctor on a regular basis and hope that Enlita remains part of my life for a very long time. To date I have lost 10 pounds.  I know that the first 9 pounds were due to the elimination diet and avoiding food sensitivities."   
--Alice Goers, Cleveland, OH   Human Resources Manager  agoers((at))jewelsDOTcom