Success Stories:

"Started Jan 1 and I have lost 21 lbs. in 2 months...Weight crept on as young adult dad died, horse sick, mom died, stressful job and food is drug of choice. I want to have my life back."
 --Amy Tompkins

“I tell everyone I know about Dr. Pearsall’s Program. Before I started with Dr. Pearsall, I was 256 pounds (70 pounds overweight), I was an uncontrolled diabetic (my blood sugars were 265 even on 120 units of insulin a day), and I was on a lot of medications that were making me sick. The lifestyle program she put me on had totally changed my life.   

Now my blood pressure is normal, my blood sugars are 120, and I am losing one pound every three days. What is more, I used to be a hard core carbohydrate addict (I’m a professional chef/baker). All day long I used to eat bread. I told her I would be her most difficult patient and if she could cure me of my bread addiction, she would be a miracle worker.  

She explained to me a diet that was ideal for my needs and for blood sugar control and she put me on a total lifestyle program. I was skeptical but promised her I’d try it. I’ve never found it difficult to stick to the program from day one because she was so convincing and she also taught me EFT to deal with carb cravings. I don’t miss bread at all now. I feel better than I have in a long time and so many of my other health problems have disappeared since joining her program. Everyone should do this program if they want to be young, fit and healthy.”  
--Gary Sloane, Schaumburg, IL 

"I have been hearing about HCG for awhile now. I worked at Curves For Women for many years & there were several ladies who tried HCG . They had good results. I was under alot of stress in 2011 Last Feb 14th 2011, I started on my HCG diet, I weighed 165 & 59 years old. In one month I had lost 20 lbs. But you have to stay firm on your diet. I gained again due to the passing of my mother BUT I am seeing good results again, so far 15 lbs. The diet works great for me. It does not bother me to be on 500 calories & no energy problems. I know I will reach my weight goal. I'm not getting older just better (ha ha)." --Thank you Sandra H. Payson AZ

"I wanted to send you a quick note today to let you know that I am just about finished with my second round of the protocol. I have had great success. The first round started August 20, 2011. I lost a total of 29 lbs the first round. I managed to maintain that loss over the holidays etc. I started the second round January 1st 2012. I have to tell you, I feel great. I have lost before with numerous other diets, Weight Watchers being the most successful but always gained back, either by getting pregnant or just the stress and goodness of life. I know that through the vast information that I have obtained through your teleseminars and web site, I have the tools to face this challenge with "both barrels loaded" so to say. Also, I think a huge tool is your supplements, Optimal Cleanse and Optimal ACAI, that I take and have taken daily since August 20th. I love those supplements and I really am not a vitamin girl.....I am now however! (Don't like pills/drugs of any kind...that is why it took me over two years to get the courage to try the Homeopathic HCG).
I want to thank you for contributing to the success of my battle with the bulge. I truly enjoy your teleseminars, and your enlita newsletters and look forward to the information you send."
--Patty Austin, TX

"My husband (Jay) and I are doing very well.  Jay joined me on this adventure so that it would be easier for me to cook for 2 (although I'm also sure he wanted to diet and didn't know how to go about it).  Well imagine his joy as he watched 35 lbs. fall off him in the first 5 weeks!!  He is feeling wonderful, looking great and has energy to burn.  I believe part of his problem was that he didn't eat enough to begin with.  Now he is eating what I prepare for him and is full and satisfied.  I am very happy for him.  
I had different problems when I started.  I was a major carb addict and had yoyo dieted all my life as a result of that. I am fighting chronic Lyme Disease and just recently got off a 2 1/2 year regiment of antibiotics.  Although I took care to balance my intestinal integrity as best as I could I would imagine that it will take me a little bit longer to be in better health. I am happy to report that I no longer crave sugar, ice cream or pasta and bread products.  That is not to say that I am totally turned off to them yet but I am very comfortable around them.  The one time we went to a restaurant I just asked the server not to put bread on the table (just in case!).  
We both had problems with eggs, dairy and wheat (I already know that I have problems with wheat so I did not test for it).  We are testing today for oats and are hoping for good results.  
So, I just wanted to thank you for getting me off to a good start! That is so important when you are just getting going.  I knew I had someone to talk to if I needed it.  I think because of that, I didn't need it!  
It's funny but although I started this plan mainly for my own benefit, one of my main driving forces at this time is to stay with all this slicin' and dicin' for my husband's sake!  The happiness he is experiencing is all I need to keep it up as our new eating lifestyle!  I am sure we will have a slice of pizza before we die but it will be when I chose and not because I'm crazed to have it.  What a feeling!! You and your wellness program have brought much happiness to our home - to date I have lost 30 lbs. and my hubby has lost 88 lbs."   
--Linda Sarno   

"I have been waiting many months for the launch of Enlita -- and it's finally here.  All I can say is Thank Goodness and Thank You.  My doctor (Naturopath) suggested the Elimination Diet in the Spring.  She gave me literature about elimination and diet guidelines.  However, the eliminated foods were such an integral part of my diet I found that I didn't know where or how to begin, so I did not.  It wasn't until your daily menus arrived that I had direction.  They provided a roadmap for me to follow.  At last, I could begin the Elimination Diet!!!!!!   
During the first week I lost 9 pounds, which surely attests to the fact that I suffer from food sensitivities.  Also, I have been suffering with flatulence for many years, and the condition seems to get worse (and more embarrassing) with each passing year.  It is now greatly reduced, thanks to your diet.  I have been so pleased with your program, that I e-mailed my doctor to tell her that I started the elimination diet.  I also directed her to your website and suggested that many of her other patients might also benefit from the Enlita program.  She visited your website to learn more.  
I love the fact that you provide daily menus, recipes, shopping lists and lessons.  This makes it very easy for me.  I have all the tools I need and know in what direction I am going -- to better health and longevity.  I will continue to work with my doctor on a regular basis and hope that Enlita remains part of my life for a very long time. To date I have lost 10 pounds.  I know that the first 9 pounds were due to the elimination diet and avoiding food sensitivities."   
--Alice Goers, Cleveland, OH   Human Resources Manager  agoers((at))jewelsDOTcom

"I Lost 50 pounds!
On the first round of Dr. Pearsall's Diet Drops I lost 29 lbs. Second round lost 21 lbs. Total loss to date since 8/19/2011 50lbs! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! My Husband has done the program with me with great success as well. I have a niece and good friend who are also successfully following the protocol. I have lost before with numerous other diets, Weight Watchers being the most successful...but always gained back, either by getting pregnant or just the stress and goodness of life.

I know that through the vast information I have obtained through your teleseminars, I now have the tools to face this challenge with "both barrels loaded" so to say. Thank you for contributing to the success of my battle with the bulge!"

Sincerely, Patty Riland

"I've been anxiously awaiting this program since I first subscribed to the email list some time back.  I've been learning about whole foods, diet and nutrition for some time and have made several lifestyle changes over the last couple of years, but I'm very excited to finally have a program that will help me put it all together into a comprehensive and workable plan.

I just logged in and everything appears as expected.  I'm just digging to the materials now... what joy!  As I sit here typing this email, I feel hopeful for the first time in so long that I can achieve my goals - I am actually crying right now with happiness!" --Thanks again, Tammy  

“I sought out Dr. Pearsall because I have been overweight over a decade and could not lose the weight no matter what I did. In working with Dr. Pearsall and her natural weight loss program, I have lost 21 pounds (and am still losing). But even more importantly, I have greatly improved other areas of my health with her healthy lifestyle program. I have improved my condition of adrenal fatigue, I have gotten rid of parasites and Candida, I no longer have abdominal bloating and cramping.  
I’m also working on a plan to create balance and margin in my life, I am setting aside time now for my spiritual life, I am practicing EFT for emotional stability, for the first time in my life I’m setting boundaries with others, I’ve learned to practice forgiveness and understanding for those who have hurt me and learned to accept what is. I’ve highly recommend her program to all my family and friends. Her program has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. I’m excited about what the future holds for the new me!”  
--Colleen Schranz, Gilberts, IL  

“I originally enrolled in Dr. Pearsall’s program because I wanted to lose weight, and I was a sugar addict. After seeing Dr. Pearsall, I now understand how carbs and sugars affect our whole body and now I feel more energized. I also lost 8 pounds so far (5 more to go). One of the major improvements is I used to be swollen all the time, my ankles would be so swollen I could hardly walk and I no longer have any swelling since being on the natural lifestyle program.  

I no longer have the highs and lows of carbohydrate withdrawals. I now watch what I eat -- lots of protein and fresh vegetables. On a scale of 1-10, I used to have an low energy level of 3 and now it’s about a 7. I’ve already recommended this program to my colleagues at work who want to lose weight as I feel Dr. Pearsall’s program is no question the best way to go.”  
--Debbie Sloane, Schaumburg, IL 

"It is my impression that ENLITA is directed to fairly highly functioning individuals.  It is such a thoughtful, rigorous programme. I have enormous respect for Kendra Pearsall.  I love her honesty and her sense of humour. I joined as a Platinum Member because I wanted to hear everything she had to say.  I thought any extra information would be worth the additional cost.  And I loved, loved the teleseminar on Emotional Eating.

I found the Podcasts useful.  They were done by Kendra herself, whom I feel some kind of connection with from her videos over the past year.  I joined this plan solely because of her (and the fact that the program could help me implement the Protein Metabolic Diet).  Dr Pearsall has a fantastic way of communicating her ideas about weight loss and health.   

She is incredibly smart, frank and witty.  (Recently I read the all the Diet reviews she wrote and found myself laughing out loud.)  In contrast, I find most stuff on the internet is DEVOID OF PERSONALITY.  It is incredibly flat and rarely comes to life with any sparkle.  I think the weekly podcast is a great tool for deepening the customers learning and connection with the Program."   
--Regards, Natasha L. Australia   

"Hi Dr. Kendra, Just to let you know...I am using the EFT daily, and I have very little cravings for anything!  Perhaps it's a combo of the supplements and the EFT, but whatever it is, it's changing the way I feel about food!  It's actually hard to eat...I just haven't felt like eating unless I'm really hungry.   One of my favorite quotes, which I'm sure you have heard, is "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels."  That's how I feel now.  Even though I have always believed that, my cravings were stronger than me.  I felt so weak to my own beliefs!  Not now...I hope it continues! Thanks for your help and continued support."   
--Cori Stearns, Owner of Automotive Store Bishop, CA 

"I've done pretty good on Enlita. I was down 28 pounds this spring. Then my father-in-law died, and shortly following that my brother died. Which means on top of all the emotions, people brought meals for us--a full week of food I couldn't control each time. (No time or desire to prepare my own food.)

My cravings roared to the surface and I've had a really hard time getting back on track. I was getting discouraged. So the prospect of getting rid of a lot of weight quickly is just what I needed. My thoughts are back to the positive. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in to make Enlita what it is. I'm so grateful for your efforts. Enlita is the way to eat, and this will simply be a boost into fast forward."

"Dear Dr. Pearsall, I really believe with all my heart in what you are trying to accomplish with Enlita. You have it right- the knowledge, the correct methods, and so many people supporting you with big hearts who genuinely want to turn the Standard American Diet and ill health around. I *love* it that you are healing people with nutrition/lifestyle rather than products. I was so on most of what you teach prior to Enlita from years of my own research, but you and your team brought it together for me in a package I could easily follow and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) gave me the support I was desperate for. I think most people fall into this category.

Because I truly care about you, I will tell you what drew me to you and Enlita: "Our mission in life is to help the masses transform their health and their lives by going back to nature."*I* could have written the following because it is EXACTLY what I was looking for:
"We keep it natural. Natural whole food, functional exercise, spending time in nature, relaxation, communion with your spiritual nature, fresh air, sun, water, herbs and vitamins, deep breathing, organic food, body cleansing, emotional release and positive attitude and a whole lot more." There is a tremendous amount of "heart" in that.

This was the final kicker for me: "One thing our program is not – it is not a program that puts up content and then goes on autopilot." I firmly believe that if you stay solid on your mission, you are going to build a HUGE foundation with which to build a very successful business on IN A POSITIVE WAY.

We had eaten VERY healthy prior to Enlita for many many years, and really only had to make food changes for the elimination period and then the subsequent food sensitivities. What we wanted to say was that Enlita really helped take us to that "next level" in our family's nutrition. We all feel better. We are addressing the emotional issues that are manifesting themselves in our bodies as disease. By eating small meals throughout the day and following the Enlita guidelines for food choices, we are seeing more energy, better digestion, and learning to listen to our own body. Weight loss and great health are the natural results of a program you can live with every day.

Both my husband and daughter were in great shape to begin with. They have been doing the program along with me (14 weeks) although my husband did not do a lot of the eliminations that my daughter and I did. Both of them have said that their clothes feel a little looser and they have lost about 5 pounds each. I think the one-on-one coaching is exactly what I need right now, mainly because of having so many health issues. You have such a big heart :)"
--Dawn Shelby, Colorado Springs Construction, Personal Assistant

I had been having trouble sleeping for quite some time.  I had tried over-the-counter and prescription sleeping medications that left me feeling drowsy.  I have used the Rejuvenation HGH for 3 weeks and have slept better than ever.  I just ordered 12 bottles and will use this product from now on to get a restful nights sleep.
--Dawn Bennett

"I wanted to use the Miracle Whey as another protein source. I have used it for up to 2 meal replacements or snacks per day (I just cut the serving in half for a snack). I feel that it gives me great energy and I love the vanilla.  It is also great for adding other ingredients.  (I add greens) I would recommend it to friends and family."
--Antoinette Bobbit - Hayword, CA  

"I am really loving the program. Both my husband and I lost 20 pounds in 9 weeks following the food plan. We have referred a ton of people to your site at"
--Marcia DesRosiers RN, LMT Sarasota Florida 

"You asked me what I think about the program. For me It looks great. I have tried Weight Watchers. It Was Okay but I regained all my weight two years after and a little more...In Enlita I get the structure I need to practice what I learn. I don't follow the recipes but adapt with my culinary tradition. Since the beginning, with the eviction of gluten, diaries and eggs, I have lost 6.6 pounds. Very encouraging! The forum is a great tool too, and EVERYTHING: the podcasts, the videos on you tube."
--Sylvie from France