Potency caution from a person doing HCG injections

My husband and I are doing this together and we are injecting the hcg. We just did our 13th injection. I have a few comments to add:

People need to know that during the frontloading phase (the first 3 days), the REALLY need to stuff themselves, and not just eat high calorie meals.
Before doing this diet, I read Simeons' manuscript a couple of times, but I guess I didn't take the stuffing thing completely to heart. He did say that if a person didn't stuff enough in the first 3 days, that they would pay later by being more hungry than the one who adequately did the frontloading phase. So consequently, we started our dieting phase with a slight sensation of hunger every day, especially just before meals, although our hunger was a great deal less than what we would expect on the low cal diet alone.

There is another thing that is happening here. The hcg solution loses its potency after a while. I had read up on this before, and some people were saying that after 30 days, it starts to lose its potency, so that is why I ordered it in 5000 iu vials, because 5000 iu equals 40 doses, 20 for each of us, so I figured that the 5000 iu vials would do us just fine before it starts to lose potency. However, it seems that it starts to noticeably lose its potency after 10 days, and we have noticed that we are hungrier now than we were when we first started the vlcd phase (it still isn't quite as bad as a lowcal diet alone would make us feel). I have been extremely careful to keep the vial with the hcg solution in the refrigerator at all times. I return the vial to the refrigerator immediately after preparing our daily syringes, and then I do the injections.

Therefore, I would recommend that you tell your people to buy the 1250 iu vials of hcg, if they are planning to do the protocol by themselves, or 2500 iu if they are doing it with another person. It seems to me that the 5000 and 10000 iu vials are not suitable, except in cases where a lot of people are doing the protocol together.

Since it has only been two weeks since I first prepared the solution, and therefore I don't think the potency has completely eroded (Simeons said that when that happens, the person would be literally ravenous), we are experimenting with a slightly higher dose to compensate. We have tried 150 iu today and we will try 175 tomorrow and see how it goes. If that doesn't help, then we may need to discard the rest of the solution and start with fresh solution. Good thing I bought extra!