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Hi all,

just started HCG, on my 4th 500-cal day. I hope that there are a few newbies like me around - seems like all the posts are years old...

To introduce myself, I'm a German national, living in Ireland. Since having kids 10 years ago, I've gained a lot of weight, topping the scale at 210lbs. About 6 months ago, I started to have spontaneous nosebleeds, literally out of nowhere. When I checked my blood pressure, it was fairly high. Additionally, I've been struggling with tiredness, depression and just generally feeling awful for years. I finally had enough and after turning down yet another prescription for anti-depressants, I insisted on having my thyroid tested. Lo and behold, I'm hypothyroid and now on natural desiccated thyroid.

My blood pressure in the meantime went scarily high (186/120 - not all the time!). My GP reassured me that I would not drop dead with stroke immediately, but strongly suggested that I should lose the weight and if the BP hadn't come down within 6 months, I'd be put on blood pressure meds. That's what brought me to your site via Dr. Mercola.

Anyway, I'm now on Day 4 and finding it - honestly - very easy. I have occasional hunger pangs, but light and not very often. I need to eat 1/2 apple in the morning, or I feel nauseous. Otherwise, I cook myself a stir-fry with chicken/fish/beef (200g) with 4 cups of vegetables and eat this both for lunch and dinner. I usually stay around the 380kal-mark, unless I feel the need for another apple before I go to bed.

So far, I've lost 7 pounds and I'm over the moon!

I've ordered some packs of miracle noodles off the internet which should add a bit more bulk to the meals. Can't wait!

Looking forward to hearing from other members,