HCG hormone

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Hello, My name is Larry and I want to know what the right amount of HCG in the homeopathic methods are still effective or not after a certain dilution point. I find great confusion when certain manufacturers are telling me they dilute the hormone 6x,10x,30x,or 60x and don't tell me how much there is in side their product. I just don't know who to trust on this. I have done the program 3 years ago and lost 25 lbs. but the health store no longer exists that I bought it from. I have so many other sellers of the product at pharmamcies here in Utah, that try to talk me out of doing the program, even if they sell it behind the counter, because they say its a placebo and I am starving myself. However I need to know if the product is what it says it is and not a gimmic or placebo, currently I cannot afford 100 dollars to buy you product so I desire to know what my options are in this sea of HCG being sold locally. I trust the hormone will work to reset my hypothalamus and open up my abnormal fat cell to be used as fuel, but if its not in the product or if it is so diluted I wonder when does it become effective to hormonally tell my fat cells to open for fuel and which product to buy. I also have gained 10 lbs of muscle weight since that last time I did the program and have kept my waste line the same, should I increase my protein intake while on the program again to loose my final 15 lbs?