HCG constipation, personal care products

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I cannot be on the HCG teleclass tonight but will listen as soon as it is posted. Could you pass along two questions for me to be answered?

l. I understand that constipation can be a problem with the protocol. Is it ok to take psyllium husk with meals to help keep things a little looser?

2. I started looking at personal care products and have noticed that almost everything has oil in it. Can you use the products as long as they don't remain on the skin? ie. shampoo, face wash, etc.
Thank you, Shawna

Dr. Kendra: Yes fiber is fine. It is very low calories. Taking fiber drinks throughout the day will decrease hunger.

Dr. Cage says he does not think it is necessary to follow the restrictions on personal care products especially the shampoos. Shalom Shick recommends using aloe vera gel for soap, shampoo, moisturizer etc.