Directions for Homeopathic HCG

Q: The question is, what is the proper way to take the 5 products that come in the homeopathic kit on a daily basis? The directions you gave us say to take first thing in the morning. At the bottom it says take 20 minutes away from meals. You did not say take 3 times a day, etc. And we do not have a morning meal, so it is confusing.

I took 3 times the first day and only once each day after that and have still lost 13 pounds in 10 days but I do not want to miss out on the proper fat breakup and release by not taking often enough. Thank you for your help. Evelyn

A: Hi Evelyn, I am sorry about the confusion and any contradictory directions. When in doubt you can always refer to the directions on the label. The Liquitropics are supposed to be taken with food. The homeopathics are supposed to be taken away from food (at least 20 minutes after or before a meal). If I were you I would take it more than once a day.
Wake up: Take all 3 homeopathics. I would hold under my tongue for 5 minutes but you don't have to. Take 5-10 drops.
An hour before lunch, take homeopathics again.
Lunch: Take Liquitrophics (liver and adrenal)
Mid-afternoon: Take homeopathics.
Dinner: Take Liquitrophics. Let me know if that helps or if any of this is unclear.